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2018 is officially deemed the year of the HRSA Operational Site Visit (OSV) for The Write Choice Network! By the time this year is over we will have participated in more HRSA OSVs than we can count. Really, it will be seven (and for the record we can count that high) but that is more than 3x what we have ever had in a year. In the past few years we have been on more than 25 Site Visits, often more than the HRSA Consultants themselves. Thanks to our amazing clients we have come out with an average of 2 findings, out of 93 elements, per client. This doesn’t surprise us in the least because we know we work with the best in the biz! Here are highlights from some of our favorite clients:

Santa Fe’s La Familia Medical Center was the first of the bunch and they wowed their team of HRSA Consultants with their hard work, organization, and hospitality. La Familia did a great job of making them feel welcome and being transparent and flexible. This was right at the beginning of the year when the new Site Visit Protocol started and it could have been easy to panic about all of the changes but LFMC kept their cool and came out on top!

Anderson Valley Health Center in Boonville, CA was experiencing local wild fires during their site visit but somehow managed to stay focused and collected. They were rewarded for all of their dedication and attention to detail because their HRSA Consultants were impressed with their commitment to quality as well as their collaboration efforts to support a truly healthy community.

El Centro Family Health in northern New Mexico received not one but TWO Promising Practices for their Semillas de Salud program which focuses on homegrown recruiting (see the link below for more information) as well as their Suicide Summit program which focuses on the prevention of teen suicide. They were rewarded for their team effort and showed HRSA why we are always impressed by their work.

Next up was Marin City Health and Wellness Center in the Bay Area. When all was said and done the team at MCHWC was able to give themselves a huge pat on the back for a job well done! Their HRSA consultants commented on how they are a team of visionaries that find a goal and don’t take “no” for an answer. They said that their commitment to their patients and their community shines through their daily work and we couldn’t agree more!

Alliance Medical Center in Healdsburg, CA has some big shoes to fill but we know they are up for the challenge. They have been working for months to be able to put their best foot forward. This is an opportunity to demonstrate their daily efforts to not only provide services to their patients in Sonoma County but improve the health and wellness of their community as stated in their mission. In a way they are the luckiest because they are learning from the experience of everyone else in the network. I know you will all join me in wishing them good luck on their upcoming HRSA Operational Site Visit!

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